Disney FAMA Certificated China Factory

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Fujian Guangyu Bags Co., Ltd is a Disney FAMA-certified factory located in China. Our focus is on producing high-quality school bags featuring Disney designs. We have been in the business of manufacturing Disney school bags since 2014 and have consistently updated our factory inspections each year. Initially, we passed the Disney ILS factory inspection in order to secure orders from Disney. Since then, we have continued to adhere to strict standards and have undergone regular BSCI inspections to ensure that our production processes are up to par. By implementing standardized practices, we have been able to consistently provide our clients with top-quality products.

Expiration Date: [ux_current_year] /Dec/18

FACTORY NAME (place Where Disney products are made):

Fujian Guangyu Bags Co., Lmited

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FACTORY ADDRESS (NOT office location or postal box number):


Street: 51, Xizhuang Road, Xianjin Industry Zone
Licheng District


Town/City: Quanzhou




Postal/Zip Code: 362000



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 Factory Contact Name: guan
 Job Title: Manager
Factory Telephone Number: 86 22421796Mobile Number: 86 17605920088
Factory Fax Number: Email Address: [email protected]
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According to contract


12. Territory where the products may be sold(please list, as per your contractual agreement):


Name and address of shipper/importer: Xiamen Fulllook Co., Limited